Founded in 2010, Shang He Textile Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of innovative fabric materials. Our products are customer service oriented and well accepted in the end markets of domestic and foreign clothing, biotechnology, leisure and fashion. With the capability of ready-to-wear production and product development, we can put our ideas into practice and hope to present more visual feasts and natural environment-friendly health concepts to the public through our products.


We have developed silk related products jointly with Danee Silk International Co., Ltd. for a long time in terms of sales. With respect to production technology, we have integrated special post production vertical processes including twisting, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, coating and laminating of raw materials; at the same time, we have combined our production chain with that of Yongjing International Co., Ltd. for apparel production for strict quality control. Our philosophy is to continuously optimize our quality; as such we continue to invest in more advanced equipment and processes to provide more professional services based on a scientific management mode.


Achievement Introduction:

2012 Government Cooperation Program

The Printing Industry Technical Research Center established the Research and Development Alliance of Digital Silk Printing Process Technology through cooperation with Danee Silk International Co., Ltd. and Shang He Textile Co., Ltd. to promote the local industry innovation engine start-up project.  


Our company obtained a patent for the refining process of silk degumming in 2013.

The unique post processing employed by Shang He Textile is demanding, which typically includes four processing steps - degumming, dyeing, printing and finishing, and can produce the original soft tactility and elegant luster of silk fully.   (Patent No. I529627)


In 2014, our company successfully developed the patented 100% silk facial mask - "DANEE SILK MASK" through cooperation with Danee Silk International Co., Ltd.

The unique DANEE SILK MASK is made with patented 100% silk membrane that fits facial contours very well and the silk protein can help with skin absorption of the essence continuously and effectively.   (Patent No. I605772)

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