Knitting Factory

Shang He Textile established a circular knitting factory based on the concept of vertically integrated and consistent production operations, which started mass production in 2015 and became the only professional silk knitting plant in Taiwan. At present, the factory owns more than ten ultrafine circular knitting machines including the 36G and 42G machines. In addition to providing stable quality, new fabrics are continuously developed in the spirit of ‘FASHION’ and ‘FUNCTION’.






Machine Description

Double Jersey Knitting Machine 42G, 36G and 28G

Jersey Large Section Knitting Machine 32G

Single Jersey Open Width Knitting Machine 28G

Small Diameter Rib Knitting Machine 22G






Dyeing And Finishing

Shang He Textile invests in personnel and equipment to continuously improve the dyeing and finishing processes and give our customers and consumers peace of mind and trust in our quality from gray cloth inspection, dyeing, finishing and finished product inspection.



Shang He Textile has set up two ready-to-wear plants in Taiwan and Thailand, which both have sufficient production capacity and strict quality control to ensure production of excellent pure silk fabrics.


Job Opportunity

Shang He Textile pursues the traditional values of "the Four Principles and Eight Virtues" to manufacture our products earnestly, responsibly and credibly. Cherishing the working attitude and value of taking on the mission of inheriting the expertise and craftsmanship, Shang He Textile continues to contribute to Taiwan's textile industry.

Welcome to the big family of Shang He Textile