Natural Silk, New Trend in Skin Care
Another New Selection for Sensitive Skin

Lightweight, delicate and smooth silk is not only made into an exquisite fabric, but is also a kind of natural fiber used for health care. Known as "Fiber Queen" or "the Second Human Skin", silk has remarkable health care effects. Silk is very beneficial for skin health due to its skin-friendly characteristic. The uses of silk extend to a wide range, with its application as clothing material is merely one of many. 


Inhibiting Bacteria
Preferred Clothing Material for Patients Suffering from Skin Allergy

The composition of silk makes it very skin-friendly and is similar to that of human hair (97% protein, 3% fat and waxy substance); so it is generally considered a hypoallergenic material. Furthermore some studies have mentioned that clothes made from silk can make the skin comfortable and remove excessive moisture to relieve skin allergies owing to its excellent permeability, breathability and ventilation properties, which are better than that of cotton products. Antibacterial silk can reduce the possibility of bacteria reproduction including mold on skin according to the research of Dr. Liu Fu-Ren, who is the Outpatient Director of Cheng Ching Hospital. Therefore, compared with clothes made from other materials on the market, clothes made from silk are more suitable for patients with skin allergies and atopic dermatitis. In addition, silk is also a kind of skin care material.
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