Silk Textile invention patent:



Silk Textile international Testing:

silk international Testing


Silk Textile Technology Development:

Our company has been trying to combine silk with functional materials and fibers to enhance the processing technology of silk fabric for many years.Besides existing products, we can also develop products according to requirements of customers and the market to offer win-win business opportunities.





Silk Ready-To-Wear Development:

To meet the customer demands for ready-to-wear, we can provide a consistent service for the selection of silk fabrics, style design and ready-to-wear samples to ensure quality and stability.

For a long time, our refined process patents and long-term cooperation in the production of fashionable coats, comfortable underwear, bedding and accessories, and so on made from pure silk have gained trust from Danee Silk International Co., Ltd and consumers.















Silk Yarn Sale:

We can provide silk material and yarn of different specifications.

Long-fiber Silk: 

Short-fiber Silk: 


Silk Fabric



T. camphoratus X Silk:





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